By Jaheim T Tumu

As Liberia ended the week long Open Government Partnership that was held under the theme “Promoting Transformative Governance through Citizens’ Participation and Inclusion,” the Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor reiterated that the third branch remains committed to the partnership.

Chief Justice Korkpor said the international initiative that seeks to address government’s commitment to their citizens in promoting transparency, attitude, accountability would stand as a flight that could empower citizens’ fight against corruption.

Speaking as one of the panelists under the topic: Advancing OGP principles to achieve Government Pro Poor Agenda: The role of the Judiciary,” at the close of the OGP, the Chief Justice noted the Judiciary entirely pledged to the principles of the OGP which are amongst its core values.

“This international initiative which seeks to secure fill commitment from government to their people to promote transparency, attitude, accountability to empower citizens to fight corruption.”

“As I see it, this initiative was borne out of universal principles of full government which grant citizens the right to know about the government instituted by their authority and for their purpose and benefit.”

“Good governance gives hope to the common man, where good governance is practiced, the welfare of citizens especially the less fortunate and the vulnerable group are secured.”

“The judiciary of Liberia fully subscribed to the lovely principles and ideas of the OGP.”

“As you note, that transparency, equity and accountability which are keen guidance principles of the OGP are amongst the core value of the judiciary,” Chief Justice Korkpor said.

“We fully recognized that the judiciary is the branch of Liberia government and the public institution which is accountable to the people, in other words the public has the right to know the activities of the judiciary and its functionaries,” Chief Justice Korkpor added.

Chief Justice Korkpor further stated the just application of the rules of law to all irrespective of creed or color, noting that rule of law ensures sustainable development and respect for fundamental right.

He added that if the rule of law is inactive the people suffered violent and culprits go with in impunity.

“Let’s assure that the Judiciary is fully committed to the fair and just application of the rule of laws to all at all-time irrespective of creed or color.”

“It provides foundation for community of opportunities and equity to ensure sustainable development, accountable government and respect for fundamental right.”

“Where the rule of law is ineffective and weak the people suffer violent and violent goes unchecked and perpetrators go with impunity.”

“The judiciary supports quality good governance which seeks to pay attention to the poor and vulnerable people of our society.”

“Indeed, we have agreed the government should embark on action, policy design to empower them and blank them in the mainstream of our economy,” Chief Justice Korkpor said.

For part, the Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Information, Hon. Daniel Goyedyu informed that the government is committed to openness and accountability as part of its pro poor agenda and would seek the minimum budgetary support for the functioning of OGP secretariat.

“We are determined to seek minimum government budgetary support for the full functioning of the newly established OGP secretariat which was established in compliance with standard,” Minister Goyedyu said.

He added “we are encouraged by the fact that we have a government that has transparency and accountability as one of its pro poor agenda items.”

“It will interest all of us to note that the deliverables embedded in the National Action Plan were purposed by ourselves as government ministries and agencies and all of them fall within the scope of our normal statutory duties.”

“With these facts, we affirm the possibilities of effectively surmounting our challenges and efficiently executing our deliverables so that our country can be rated highly.”


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